What is Fabule?

In the "smart home" we envision, smarts are inseparable from warmth, welcome, creativity, and the people, pets and things we love. We make the interactive devices that we’d want in our kind of home. And we make sure you can adapt them to your kind of home.

With our background in design, we see the "internet of things" phenomenon a bit differently from other startups. Where they see opportunities for connectivity, we see possibilities for expressivity. The future will need both.

Our first product is named Clyde. He’s a bright desk lamp and a multi-colored ambient light with bendy legs that let you tilt or hang him however you like. Clyde interacts with his environment in some interesting ways, and can be made to respond to touch, ambient light levels, or remote control. Its extremely easy to open him up, and by changing out a simple component, you can customize his behavior. Clyde’s controller is Arduino compatible, so if you know how to program, or want to learn, the possibilities are endless.

Founding Story

Founded by two designers, Fabule makes unique domestic devices with a lot of personality. We are committed to creating smart products that make you feel smart. You can easily open, upgrade, tinker with or repair anything we design, and make it truly yours.

Amanda and Bruno met in graduate school at UC Irvine, where Bruno was studying Arts, Computation and Engineering and Amanda was studying Information and Computer Sciences. We quickly discovered, during a shared class, that we were each independently working on anthropomorphized wireless sensor network projects. Our strengths are complementary: Bruno's responsibilities encompass software engineering, product design, and operations; Amanda's include hardware design, user needs, and marketing.

Fabule's first product, Clyde, was developed as part of HAXLR8R, a hardware startup accelerator located in Shenzhen, and devoted to blurring the line between “Maker” and manufacturer.

Amanda Williams

Amanda Williams

Amanda Williams is Co-Founder of Fabule Fabrications and Wyld Collective. She's in charge of creating beautiful interactions and hardware. She has a Ph.D. in Information and Computer Sciences from UC Irvine and a B.S. in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University. Amanda has worked at Xerox PARC, Adobe, Intel Research, and Microsoft Research. Indecisively, she loves both qualitative user research and hardware design. She has been accused of eating like a trucker.

Bruno Nadeau

Bruno Nadeau

Bruno is Co-Founder of Fabule Fabrications and Wyld Collective, in charge of product design and software wizardry. Bruno is from Lévis, Québec. He acquired his M.S. in Information and Computer Sciences from the Arts, Computation and Engineering program at UC Irvine, and his B.S. in Computation Arts from Concordia University in Montréal. With his artsy but algorithmically inclined degree, he's made some creative interactive installations and physical computing pieces. He can also fix a rice-cooker with a toothpick and a strip of duct tape. Prior to Fabule, Bruno co-founded Wyld Collective with Amanda, an independent design/research consultancy located in Montréal.

Angela Gabereau

Angela Gabereau

Angela is the resident software and web developer. She's got a B.Comp.Sci in Computation Arts from Concordia University. She's spent the last few years sharpening her software architecture chops in various Montreal start-ups. She likes to make creative sound and light experiments with electronics and code, when she has a chance. She is planning a solo cycle trip across Canada on a hacktastical bicycle sometime soon.

Do you have any questions?

If you are working on a story and have any questions about Fabule or one of our projects, we're happy to help. Contact us at info@fabule.com.